Gallery Pens

We have made a wide variety of pens. Below is a sampling or our repertoire

Pens come in many shapes and sizes. We specialize in wood, Antler, and Ammo themed pens. Below are some of the pens we have made.
Corn Cobb PenCorn Cobb Pen
Antler PenAntler Pen
Australian Burl 50 cal PenAustralian Burl 50 cal Pen
Corn Cobb 50 cal PenCorn Cobb 50 cal Pen
Ebony 50 cal PenEbony 50 cal Pen
Jatoba 50 cal PenJatoba 50 cal Pen
Jatoba 30 cal PenJatoba 30 cal Pen
Australian Burl 30 cal PenAustralian Burl 30 cal Pen