Winter’s Evergreens

While most of my turnings are functional in nature, in 2015 I started down the whimsical path of turning folk art trees, giving new life to Christmas trees once their season had passed. I turn them large and small and no two are like. Each one is a stand alone piece of art reminiscent of this winter's holiday, but they also look nice grouped together and can be displayed all year long.

This poem tells their story...

Ode to Winter’s Evergreen
By Sue Hickman (9/9/2015)

Following the storm,
the air is cold and crisp and clear
and quiet.
The birds nestle safely in their hiding places.

You, evergreen, stand tall,
your head held high.
Laden with snow your limbs hang low,
still you are strong.
The storms barely bend you, the snow cannot break you.

As dryer air comes and melts away your heavy burden,
you remain stately.
Even before the thaw, when all around you
spring back to life,
You, oh winter’s evergreen, reign majestic.
Our friend N. Groh added these trees to her hooked rugs and reindeer display.
Group2If a specific Christmas holds a special memory for you...
Perhaps you got engaged at Christmas or it is your first Christmas in a new home, a child's first Christmas, or a loved one's last...
We accept special orders to turn your trees into special a special memory's keepsake.
One to three Winter's Evergreens can be turned from your Christmas tree.
Contact us via email at

Small (1" - 4") $ 9
Medium (4" - 7") $14
Large (7" - 9") $20
X-Large (9"-11") $32
XX-Large (11"-12.5") $35
XXX-Large (>12.5) $42